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Malindi beach Plots


Want to own a beach plot in an unspoiled beach with magnificent ocean views to be turned into a gated beachfront community? Look no further.  Located in Che Shale, the beach plot overlooks the Indian Ocean along Ngomeni beach. It is 24 kilometers north of Malindi town in Kilifi County, Kenya along the Malindi – Lamu road. It is a 30-minute drive from Malindi airport.

The beach plots sit on an 8.6 acre first row beachfront parcel which boasts a 150-meter ocean frontage. The entire plots in the parcel will be turned into a gated luxury beachfront community with its own private beach. This set up is deal for holiday homes as well as rentals. This controlled gated community development will have a villa/ cottage concept and a common use plot will be reserved. It will include a swimming pool, gym, and club house.

There are 28 quarter of an acre plots on this parcel. The deed plan of this parcel is shared on this page and will be kept current as per the latest purchase. Booking of the plots will be reserved on a first come first serve basis upon payment. Title deeds will be issues to all our esteemed investors.

The beach plots will be landscaped to allow each of the developments that will be on each plot to have a good view of the ocean as well as beach access. Come enjoy the unspoiled lush tropical surroundings, atmosphere and good market value potential and return on investment.

The price for each ¼ acre plot is kshs 1.9 million and 5% discount is given for upfront payment.

Why Che Shale, Ngomeni?

-          Best Kite Surfing Area: The beach in Che Shale offers one of the best kite surfing spots in Kenya and is home to the world class Che Shale Hotel and Kite Surf Center.

-          Golden Beach: The Che Shale beach has beautiful golden sandy beach with adjacent dunes

-          Privacy and subtle luxury: distant from crowded beaches, Che Shale offers miles of serene and deserted sands against background of coconut palms and lush vegetation. 

-          Drive along the beach: Che Shale is one of the few beaches in Kenya where you can drive along the beach with a 4x4 vehicle during low tide.

-          Market value potential: This beach is along the Ngomeni road which is in the process of being tarmacked. This 11 kilometer road that connects the main Malindi - Lamu road to San Marco Space Station in Ngomeni, will greatly increase the market value of the beach plots along this road. Also Che Shale is one of the few beaches in Kilifi County which is unspoiled. As the beach plots are slowly getting developed and populated, investors will cash in the increased market value.

Why Malindi?

-          Airport expansion: Malindi airport is being expanded to international standards to accommodate large jets that will allow direct flights to Europe which is predicted to boost tourism in the town and its environs.

-          Renewed interest: After a low tourist turnover in the country due to insecurity and uncertain political climate in the recent past, there has been a renewed interest in Malindi town. Known for mainly Italian tourists and British many of whom have become residents, we now have German among other nationals such as Polish flocking the town. There is keen interest to bring Malindi, affectionately referred to as little Sicily by Italians, back to its lost glory.

-          Potential for local tourism: Malindi has the potential for attracting local tourism as it has many underutilized opportunities such as great beaches, good weather, uncrowded environment.

-          LAPSSET potential: this massive project covering roads, railways and ports has immense opportunities for investors and counties. Malindi geographically sits strategically on this project scope and will benefit both directly and indirectly.

Key Details:

    Approx. plot size: Quarter of an acre                                            Ownership: Title deed for the beach plots

    Price: Kshs. 1.9 million per plot

    To be turned into a gated community, resort residence                


     Common facilities for residents which will include: pool, gym and clubhouse

     Direct access to beach

     Private beach for residents

     Sea views


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