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Shelloyees Housing co-operative frequently asked questions

Our frequently asked questions are:

-A completed application form with a recent passport photo colored,copy of ID ,and KRA pin certificate.
-Registration is 1000KES,a minimum monthly deposit of 2000KES and a minimum share capital of 20,000KESH which is payable within 6 months

-A completed application form with 2 recent copies of passport size photos,copy of ID and KRA pin certificate.
-Registration is 2000KES and a minimum share capital of 20000KES payable within 6months

A) Shelloyees SACCO
-The capital shares earn dividends and the deposits earn interest every year
-The loans offered from SACCO's have lower rates than banks
B) Shelloyees Housing
-One can have a fixed deposit which earns you 12% interest per annum
-One can have a discount on the investment offers from Housing because of being a member

-By becoming a Housing member,the purchase price for a given investiment such as land will be discounted for you depending on the nature of the investiment chosen.
-Shelloyees housing does its due deligence making it more convinient for you when looking for a credible and viable investiment for you.

-Land purchase:we currently have various Land projects that you can invest in located in Ongata Rongai and Kitengela see housing projects segment above for more information.
-Apartments:we have done two housing projects namely project 90 degrees and Laiser place which have been sold.We shall announce the forthcoming project once it is rolled out.
-Fixed deposit investment:Within the Shelloyees Housing,we have fixed deposit account in which you can get a 12% interest rate
-We are also expanding our portfolio and we looking forward to more partnerships with different stakeholders.This means more lucrative offering will be available to the benefit of a given investor.

-The payment options depends on the given investment.For instance,the land in Rongai,has 10% deposit with 10% installment periods for Housing members.
-An investor can also get funding from the SACCO by taking a loan to finance their investment and be left paying the loan with the SACCO.

-If you wish to do a site visit,kindly do contact Shelloyees Housing employees and they will guide you on the way forward.